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Dear Friends,

On  Saturday, 8 December 2012, We held an Inaugural Jashan Ceremony at the home of Mehroo and Dinyaar Marfattia, our Trustee. Almost 45 people attended the ceremony.

The Jashan was held as a thanks giving to Ahura Mazdajee for the guidance in future to our fledgling association and also for clearing our legalities for establishing the association in Perth which thanks to efforts of Mehroo and Dinyaar Marfatia went through without a hitch.
Ervad Aspi Madan performed the jashan and as always was ready to assist. We had surprised guests from Bahrain also on that evening, Mr Rustam Sherdivalas' parents and sister. Also we had Tanaz Ghadialli's parents visiting Perth from Mumbai on the evening.

Amongst many guests who joined later were Pervez Mistree and family & Nazneen and Berjis Wadia.

After the Jashan, we enjoyed a lovely sumptuous dinner cooked by our lovely chefs headed by Zerophee Deboo, Mehroo Mrafatia and Tazna Ghadialli and others. Everyone wished the association a great success in the future and we're all happy it began, finally.

Stay tuned for the next BAWAZ event - We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

The BAWAZ Team