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Dear Friends,

BAWAZ is delighted to inform you the 10th World Zoroastrain Congress, held in Mumbai, India

When:         Friday 27 December 2013 to Monday 30 December 2013
Where:        NCPA Hall Worli
Participant: Firoz Pestonji, Speaker : Practises of the Zoroastrian Faith in India and other parts of the World


The 10th World Zoroastrain Congress in Mumbai, was held from Friday 27 December 2013 to Monday 30 December 2013 at the NCPA Hall Worli. People from around the world congregated to Mumbai to attend the Congress, which almost did not take off, but once completed was a great success due to the very well managed organisation by leading Zoroastrain industrialists & their teams. 

Almost 1300 people attended the Congress with eminent Zoroastrain speakers from various specialised fields putting forward their points. An extremely honourable highlight for the occasion was that it inaugurated by the Prseident of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee. 
Very enlightened speakers from various & diverse fields like medicine, Indian defence, business, entertainment, arts, religious scholars, the scholarly priests, law, animal welfare, youth section, Government agencies, etc were on the panels informing the audience of their views. Eminent speakers like Dr Farokh Udvadia, Dr Soonawala, Air Marshal Fali Major, Religious scholars like Khojastee Mistree, Dr Rohintoon Peer ,Vada Dasturjee Khurshedjee of Udvada, Berjis Desai, highly successful business men like Nadir Godrej, Yazdi tantra, Zubin Karkaria & many others illustrated their points with vigour. Nadir Godrej rendered a poem for the occasion in his inimitable style. A few books with Zoroastrian themes were released during the congress as well.

BAWAZ was represented at the World Zoroastrain congress by our president, Firoz K Pestonji, who was also invited to be on the panel discussing – Practises of the Zoroastrian Faith in India and other parts of the World, on Day 2 in the morning session. This was an exemplified honour for us as it was the first time an Australian Zoroastrain had representeed the region and spoke of the Zoroastrains in our area, at any Zoroastrian Congress to date.

Firoz spoke about the Zoroastrain settlements in Australia as a whole, emphasising the different migration patterns of Zoroastrians, specially to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane & Adelaide. He informed the people of the various things that Australia is leading in today apart from the traditional cricket, dairy and wool products and made people aware of the vast and diverse exports of Australian gold, iron ore, uranium, sands, copper, nickel, aluminium and of course LNG.

He informed the audience about the population of Zoroastrains in Australia & New Zealand, their brief history from early times to mass migration in the early 1990's of skilled and highly professional young families migrating from around the world to Australia, specially Western Australia, during the boom times. Many Zoroastrain enterpreneurs have made a niche for themselves with their hard work and diligence. The community being a young one required direction and is still very fluidic in their traditional manners and customs.Though most marriages are within the fold, few youngsters have married outside the fold and been accepted. 

He spoke in detail about the Zoroastrain Association of Western Australia also & activities taken by the association, inviting eminent religious speakers to Perth, holding Mutkad prayers, childrens activities, religious classes and events to keep the community together. He also emphasised the activities of BAWAZ and mainly to have their own community hall in future & assist existing and future enterpreneaurs.

He looked up to the older and well established diaspora in the USA & UK/Europe to guide them and to learn from their past endevours. The simple but profound idea of various different flowers representing various Zoroastrain associations in differnt parts of the world doing their own good service, but if uniting together to form a colourful floral arrangement was very well received as was also the parting short story of not getting anywhere if we do not know where we are heading. These points were also aptly emphasised during the summarisation by eminent Marketing guru Sam Bulsara on the last day during the congress.

All in all a very well received discussion, judging from the audience response then and later & mainly enhanced creating an awareness in the audience of the large presence of Zoroastrians in Australia & New Zealand.

Kind Regards,

The BAWAZ Team