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Spenta Group Dinner  with Mumbai Zoroastrian’s 23 April 2015

BAWAZ organised a dinner in honour of 22 Zoroastrians who were visiting Perth on an Australian sightseeing holiday. The group was organised by Mr Hoshang Jallejar & his company Spenta Tours of Colaba Mumbai. They were travelling from Mumbai visiting various Australian cities including Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney before flying to New Zealand.

During their visit to Perth the local tour operator Aussie Destination Tours (who had also organised their total ground handling and itinerary in Australia). On day of landing we asked them if they would like to meet some local Perth Zoroastrians. The group were very excited to do so and an impromptu meeting of some local BAWAZ members was arranged for the next day’s dinner. Members of BAWAZ met the Mumbai Parsis and as was to be expected, someone knew someone and relations were established from years gone by. On both sides it was a chance to reconnect with old baug (colony) friends whom they hadn’t seen since childhood and there was a very homely atmosphere of fun and lots of laughs during dinner.

After dinner Mr Dinyaar Marfatia spoke very briefly about some of the current activities of BAWAZ and how we are very keen and actively seeking ways to have our own place of worship and hopefully in a few years when they visited again, they may be able to see the venue too! With a round of applause and lots of good wishes to the local Zoroastrians, our guests departed for the night, taking away fond memories of a wonderful dinner networking and socialising with our brethren.

Kind regards,

The BAWAZ Team