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01 February 2015, Royal Yatch Club Gathering, WZCC Mumbai

Hi Friends,

World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce Mumbai Event Night
On Sunday 1 February 2015, in evening from around 6.30 pm, the WZCC Mumbai branch organised a small gathering at the Royal Yatch club Colaba to felicitate Mrs Meher Bhesania of Dubai, for the wonderful work she and her team did in organising the Dubai Enterprise in December 2014 in Dubai. Her hard work, vision and determination to organise, plan the event and execute it, with a fine finish were applauded and appreciated in a speech by Mr Minoo Shroff – Global founder and a Guru in his own rights. Also present at the event were many local Zoroastrian luminaries like Mr Homa Petit, Mr Sam Bulsara, Mr Dinshaw Tambolli, Percy Master, Yazdi Tantra, Behram Dastur, Godrej Dotivala and other local WZCC members. Local business men were well represented by Feroze Sethna, Maher Dhamodiwala & Dinshaw Variava amongst others. On this occasion some families were present with the members also.

After the speech there were the typical Parsi drinks and lovely dinner hosted by the Yatch club for WZCC. A great evening to have networked with local business people. Also at the event Meher Bhesania took the opportunity to present her book – Fathers & sons, Mothers and daughters to India’s marketing guru –Sam Bulsara, who had been unable to make it to Dubai in December 2014. A great evening of renewing contacts and meeting old friends again.

Bawaz was specially invited to join in this exclusive evening- thanks to Mrs Meher Bhesania & Mr Minoo Shroff. Thank you both for the honour.

Kind regards,

The BAWAZ Team