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Dear Friends,

BAWAZ is delighted to inform you about the Dubai Enterprise 2014

When:         19 - 20th December 2014
Where:        WZCC Middle East, Dubai UAE
Participant: Firoz & Mahrukh Pestonji

This August meeting of some top Zoroastrain business people and enterpreneaurs in Dubai from 19 to 21 December 2014 was very professionally managed under the leadership of Mrs Meher Bhesania, Chair of WZCC Mid east and also person who had ably organised the 9th World Zoroastrain Congress in Dubai in 2009.

The event attended by almost 700 people was very well organised and lots of effort had been put into the event by the local team. With official partner support from the House of Godrejs, Jeejebhoy Group of Companies, Seven seas services group  the famous HongKong businessmen & Philantrophists Shroffs & Jokhis & others. Eminent panel speakers and leaders in their fields like Lord Karan Billimoria, Nadir Godrej, Byram Jeejeebhoy, Neville Shroff, Homa Petit, Vada Dasturjee Khurshed K Dastoor of Udvada, Dinshaw Tamboly, Minoo Shroff, Ronnie Screwala, Dr Keki Turel, Dr R Soonawala, & other eminent Doctors of various fields kept the audience enraptured for both days.

Also present at the event were BPP President Dinshaw Mehta, USA Fezana President Kayayun Kapadia , Roshan & Rohinton Rivetna, Yazdi Tantra, and many others -  the event was a Whos who of our community. Media was represented by the Parsiana team. The event was very well managed by the young Masters of ceremonies Cyrus Debara & Nozer Buchia who kept the audience regaled throughout. Porous Guzder of Ahura transport had organised the logistics for the event

With eminent speakers like our Zoroastrain medical experts, bankers, legal experts, industrialists, Bollywood entertainers women empowerment, Vastu shashtra etc. speaking with passion on their subjects, it was a very highly enlightening and diverse event. Some non Zoroastrain local experts also spoke about the city and its future dreams.

The event had its lighter moments with games, networking, display of sponsor products etc in the hall and with wonderful cuisines, it was a gala time for most BAWAZ. The last day of city sightseeing and lunch on the dhow was a masterly farewell touch. The evening on the sand dunes or visiting the global village was anothr highlight to close the event up with memories for those that joined in.

BAWAZ was represnted by its President Firoz Pestonji & his wife Mahrukh who attended the event, networked with eminent Zoroastrain, creating an awareness of our requirement for having our own place of worship in future for our young community in Perth. They were also present at the Global Working Group meeting to present Perth as a future World Zoroastrain Congress venue and the presentation was very well received by the prominent community leaders. Future directions for the community, present challenges & points of discussion were elaborated at the meeting as were other global issues discussed that affect the Zoroastrian community world wide.





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Kind Regards,
The BAWAZ Team