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Synopsis of BAWAZ’s Inaugural Speaker Session – 14th March 2013

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all those who attended the Inaugural Speaker Session on Thursday 14th March 2013 at the AAA Hall Highgate, despite the unfavourable weather and driving conditions!

The session started with a brief report from the secretary about the activities in the last two months.

This was followed by a financial review from the treasurer highlighting the 2 BAWAZ accounts with a major bank.

One account is maintained for daily running costs & other one for the future community hall & Dar –e Maher.

After the brief review on our activities, we had a very interactive session with Mr Sanjiv Sethi, who spoke from his vast experience on legal issues that affect us all.

His interactive discussion was important not only to business people but also for individuals & families.

He spoke with enthusiastic about various interesting topics including;

  • Estate and succession planning as well as litigation,
  • Family law, EPAs, power of attorneys and their rights,
  • Property law & various connected issues, and
  • Importance of Wills, various points to remember and pitfalls to avoid.

The interactive session highlighted a number of imperative points for the 38 people who attended and everyone agreed that their knowledge on these legal matters was definitely improved by attending this BAWAZ event.

Here’s what two of the attendees had to say:

Yesterday’s evening was informative and well worth the time! It was also well organised . Thanks again!” - Pervez Mistry

“Very well planned event, learnt new things, thanks a lot” - Kamlesh Patel

Thanks everyone for your positive feedbacks.

Kind regards,

The BAWAZ Team