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Jashaan & Information on Historic Iran by Ervad Pervez Bajan

Date : 14 March 2015

Bawaz hosted a Jahan, and a historic informational movie/slide show session on Saturday 14 March 2015 that was presented by Ervad Pervez Bajan during his visit to Perth (which had been sponsored by ZAWA).

The event started off with a Jashaan in the morning by Ervad P Bajan. The day was a great success with over 60 Zoroastrians in attendance from both local associations BAWAZ & ZAWA. The holy Jashaan ceremony was performed by Ervad P Bajan and our resident Ervad Mr Aspi Madan, who without hesitation is always ready to assist the Zoroastrain populace of Perth in religious ceremonies.

After the ceremony and sharing of the blessed Chasni, Ervad Bajan presented an informational slide show of various historical places of significant relevance to  Zoroastrians when visiting Iran. He regaled us with anecdotes while explaining the meaning of certain architectural motifs, the various stories behind them and short excerpts from the Shahnama which he is very proficient with.  After the lovely lunch that was enjoyed by everyone, he also showed us a movie on Iran, showcasing the historical Zoroastrian sights and there was a time for questions and answers for the attendees.

Bawaz also presented him with a memento silver medallion specially coined from the Perth Mint as a token of appreciation so that he could remember his visit to Perth. He was accompanied on this trip by his wife Kety and both of them enjoyed the hospitality of the local Zoroastrians, as well as enjoying a few of the major highlights of Western Australia by joining in on sightseeing tours courtesy of Aussie Perth Tours.

We hope we shall see him and his wife in Perth again soon and thank them for their efforts and the knowledge they shared with the Zoroastrians of Perth. We would also be delighted to invite other religious scholars to  visit us more often in future!

Kind regards,

The BAWAZ Team